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Scarab Studio Wood

Established 1998

Directed by Perth wood artist & master craftsman Peter Cook,  Scarab is a multidisciplinary collaborative studio, where our highly skilled team take on an amazing diversity of specialist projects.  Artistry, craftsmanship, design and beautiful materials come together in our workshop to create some of the most unique and beautiful handcrafted objects in the world.  Here on our website you will find a variety of creative works completed over the last three decades for private individuals, government and many of Perth’s finest companies.

We couldn’t do what we do without the support of family, friends and team members

Scarab is directed by master designer-maker Peter Cook.  Peter has followed broad creative passions from his earliest years, and after 30 years at the bench is today recognised as one of Australia’s finest designer-makers.  Peter’s work has been exhibited and collected internationally and is published in several books and magazines.
Master craftsman Ian Collishaw co-founded  Scarab Studio Wood in 1998 and helped steer the business through its first decade of development.  These days Ian enhances his teaching profession through his continued association with Scarab.
Brendon Dhu has worked with us at Scarab for many years.  Brendon’s respected contracting firm Heritage Carpentry and Joinery continues to collaborate with Scarab.
Toby Tolomei was one of the Australian School of Fine Wood’s top students in 2009 and made a valued contribution at Scarab for a number of years after graduating.
Jordan Stone graduated with honors in 3D design from Curtin University in 2016.  Jordan has been another highly valued member of the Scarab team.
Rohan Cook came on board at Scarab in 2023 as craftsman-in-training, bringing established skills in digital design and traditional art.


Since 1998, every piece produced in the Scarab workshop has been inset with a silver maker’s mark struck with the image of a Scarab beetle.

Peter’s Stratum series, his unique puzzleboxes and other artworks have carried his personal maker’s mark from the early 90’s.

We would love to help you develop your own creative vision to be master crafted in the Scarab Studio.
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