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Scarab Studio Wood has the facilities and expertise required to
bring any idea into production. From luxury corporate giftware,

to one-of-a-kind heirloom quality boxes,

work with us to bring your idea to life.

Explore our showcase below.

Corporate Giftware
Work with us to create a unique corporate giftware package, masterfully crafted with our very own West Australian timbers.

Bespoke Production
Let us develop a luxury solution to fill any niche. Production runs with incredible craftsmanship.

Project Development
Have specific project ideas, but can’t find a home for their production? Get in touch and begin workshopping with Scarab.

Our workshop has been the home of an incredible variety of projects over the past three decades. Helmed by Master Craftsman Peter Cook, we offer a complete package of conceptualisation, design and production, allowing you to take your idea to its completion completely in-house.

Explore a selection of our previous production projects, or get in touch today to begin your own.

Niche Boxes

Charm Box

Aichi Gift Box

Condiment Trays

Explore our entire archive of past projects and products.