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Barnacle Grinding Mill

Award of Distinction – Memento Australia 2007

The tenacity of life as it clings to the rugged granite coastlines of Western Australia’s southwest corner inspired the Barnacle grinding mill.

The beautiful and exotic timbers the mills are crafted from have their own story.  The pale coloured mills are crafted from Marri wood salvaged from a storm-fallen old tree.  The darker coloured Jarrah mills are fashioned from 100 year old axe hewn floor stumps salvaged from beneath a demolished shearing shed south of Perth.  Inlays of the rare and very hard desert woods Jam and Minneritchie offer a glimpse into the struggle to grow in the harsh WA outback.

Barnacle mills are fitted with the very finest ceramic CrushGrind  mechanism.

85 x 85 x 270mm.  Jarrah or Marri.

As a mark of authenticity each grinding mill is inset with a sterling silver badge struck with the image of a Scarab beetle.  Mills come gift packed with full product information.