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Biomorph Architectural Sculpture

Biomorph charts the journey from a first inkling of life, down a winding path towards complexity, sentience and an imaginary fusion of organic life and technology.  Installed in the large stairwell of a Brisbane home, Biomorph is a wall-mounted sculpture that wraps around three broad walls.  At the centre of the stairwell is a glass sided elevator.  The artwork can be seen from many vantages on the stairs, and from the elevator as you move between floors.

A symbolic organism, merged with its technology, evolves towards an unknown future.  Biomorph’s glowing blood is monitored; its sentience snapshot in a computer chip; and its pressure read.  As you pass by on the stairs, Biomorph knows you are present and responds to you with a pulsing array of embedded LED lighting.  Bud-lamps glow and protocells pulse and chase with a heartbeat rhythm.

A forest of laminated timber blades grow in size from newly sprouted, to fully fledged at over 2.3m in height, creating a cathedral like effect above you.  The blades sprout forth from glowing red protocells that emerge in turn from a colourful primeval swirl.  Woven amongst the blades, the life blood of emerging sentience runs through an industrial maze of copper arteries, feeding seed-bud-lamps reaching for the light of renewed life.


Biomorph is created from acrylic, auto paint, epoxy resin, wood and copper.  There is also re-purposed mechanism, lamp parts and circuitry. Extensive computer controlled LED lighting is installed throughout the work.