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Drift Dining Table

One slab of ancient Marri
The Drift dining table is entirely crafted from a single monumental slab of ancient timber. The giant Marri tree from which the slab was cut is estimated to have been around 500 years old when the tree eventually fell in a storm. The large table measures 3m x 1.1m and can comfortably seat 12 people. Its design is contemporary and sleek with its smooth curves and floating top effect giving the piece a slender refined feel, at odds with its large scale.

The beautiful craftsmanship beneath features a ribbed support frame and splayed legs joined with Jarrah spline inserts.  Sliding timber buttons connect the top to the frame, allowing the solid timber top to continue its subtle movement throughout its long life ahead.

The fantastic character of the wood reflects the embattled life of the old tree.  Its gum veins and borer tunnels are preserved and filled with clear epoxy resin.