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Museum Cabinets

Over the years Scarab has become a leader in specialised display solutions.  From collection cases and museum cabinets, to fine upholstered jewellery mounts and supports, to custom LED lighting solutions, we can handle both small and large projects.

A group of these deluxe museum cabinets were created for a Perth mining company to house their large mineral sample collection.  The cabinets feature premium solid Jarrah bases, anodized aluminium framing, with ultra-clear toughened glass throughout.

The glass security locking doors are sealed against dust intrusion and the 10mm polished edge glass shelves are fully adjustable.  Each cabinet is fitted with an array of mini LED spotlights, with lights controlled at each shelf level via a control panel set into the underside of the cabinet.

To allow the cabinets to be arranged with complete freedom in the timber floored room, we developed a discreet 12V grid system that is inlaid into the floor surface.  Once positioned, the cabinets simply connect to the nearest point of the grid from beneath.