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Shokotan Scroll Case

Collection case
The Shokotan scroll case was commissioned to house a prized collection of ten martial arts colour scrolls.  The case is hand crafted from West Australian Sheoak, with inlays and bandings of dark Acacia (WA) and vivid orange Conkerberry (Qld).  450 x 350 x 85mm.

Timber composition
The rich colours and grain of the woods have been carefully arranged throughout the piece.  Look at the way the grain of the wood dips beneath the elliptical inlay in the lid, with the dip reflected again in the elliptical push-button at the front of the box.

The scroll case also features a secret compartment for documents.

Intarsia is the art of inlaying small pieces of wood into a solid surface.  Thin panels of exotic timber are first cut from a larger block.  From these thin panels, precise and often tiny parts are hand cut, then glued into matching openings carved into the solid surface.

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