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Stratum 3: Zuess Puzzle Box

The series of artworks entitled Stratum have been created by Peter Cook between the late 90s and the present.  To date there are eight works in the series.  Some Stratum artworks have been created in small limited editions of up to six.  Others are one-off pieces.

“Stratum 3’s predecessor S2 explored techniques that offered the promise of further artworks.  In pursuit of form and caricature, for Stratum 3, I learned to conceal a slender metal core behind a skin of wood.  Thin, sinuous tubes of layered wood appear extremely fragile, belying an amazing strength.

Behind the illusion hides a mechanical secret.  Stratum 3 is a special kind of puzzlebox.  One that takes caricature containers into the realm of Dr Suess and the alien plants I loved to draw as a kid.   – Peter Cook

Stratum 3: Zeuss – an edition of 4 boxes
110 x 110 x 240mm.  Jarrah, Blackbutt, Snakewood, sterling silver and stainless steel.

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