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Stratum 4: Krysalis

The series of artworks entitled Stratum have been created by Peter Cook between the late 90s and the present.  To date there are eight works in the series.  Some Stratum artworks have been created in small limited editions of up to six.  Others are one-off pieces.

Stratum pieces are built using ideas reflected in nature.  Creatures weave strange cocoons from silk and small pieces of plant matter; organic shapes form over time through accumulation of smaller elements; things grow cell by cell.

Krysalis explores ideas around nurture, protection and growth.  Inside Krysalis there is a beautifully upholstered single drawer.  The drawer nests snugly inside the strong outer shell, its luxe upholstered form sliding safely within its perfectly formed gloss pentagonal cavity.

Stratum 4: Krysalis – an edition of four boxes
90 x 120 x 260mm.  Blackbutt, dyed Banksia, sterling silver, resin, paper, suede.

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