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Stratum 5: Cleopatra

The series of artworks entitled Stratum have been created by Peter Cook between the late 90s and the present.  To date there are eight works in the series.  Some Stratum artworks have been created in small limited editions of up to six.  Others are one-off pieces.

The striking beauty of Cleopatra is mythical. The warmth of the exotic wood is amplified through its assimilation and association with the polished precious metal.

Stratum 5 acknowledges the visual association between the Stratum family and decorative influences from the ancient world of Egypt. The distinctive Stratum structure leverages the compressive strength of wood against the tensile strength of metal to create delicate, curved shapes in layered woods that belie an immense strength.

Stratum 5: Cleopatra – limited edition of five bracelets.
Acacia heartwood, Acacia sapwood, sterling silver, steel.  Max thickness 5 x 5mm.

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