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Stratum 7: Serpent

The series of artworks entitled Stratum have been created by Peter Cook between the late 90s and the present.  To date there are eight works in the series.  Some Stratum artworks have been created in small limited editions of up to six.  Others are one-off pieces.

“Wood is at the heart of my practice as an artist and maker.  I am always mindful that the wood I use is a living material.  It grew from something tiny into something often huge, through an additive process: cell by cell, layer by layer.  With tools, technique, and technology, I can blend metal and wood to create new structure, tell stories and convey ideas.”

“Throughout the development of my Stratum series, an idea grew of a symbolic creature.  A creature that at once represents the living tree and its process of creating wood, and the technology I then use to turn wood and metal into objects that evoke ideas.  My creature is an animal born of wood and metal, and technology, and of us.  A creature that is on an incremental journey from something simple, to something that is beyond all we know.”   – Peter Cook

Stratum 7: Serpent
2metres x 300mm x 80mm max thickness.  Jarrah, Blackbutt, brass and chromium, steel.

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