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Stratum 8: Sprout

The series of artworks entitled Stratum have been created by Peter Cook between the late 90s and the present.  To date there are eight works in the series.  Some Stratum artworks have been created in small limited editions of up to six.  Others are one-off pieces.

Alien Garden
Hand blown crackle glass globes hang from the end of slender stalks of layered wood.  Of both the world we know and some alien garden, sprouts grow and seek the light, or issue it forth.  What we assume to be a weakness of structure references the fragility of early life.

Sprouts are in fact functional lamps.  Their layered wooden skin is a thin veneer concealing a stainless steel core that carries the electrical wiring and affords the structure great strength at odds with its vulnerable appearance.

Stratum 8: Sprout – a matching pair of lamps
540 x 210 x 235mm.  Glass diam 180mm.  Jarrah, Blackbutt, stainless steel, brass, LED lighting, hand blown glass.

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