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Zephyr Puzzle Box

The organic and the engineered
Zephyr celebrates the symbiotic relationship between the organic world – of trees and ourselves – and the metal-based machine world we have built.  In its play of wood and metal, of organic and engineered, Zephyr explores a reassignment between the functional and the non-functional.  Zephyr is a Rube Goldberg Machine, an elaborate toy that invites you on a quest to unlock its hidden secrets and to find the treasures concealed within.

A pointless train of gears
With eleven separate gears and sprockets, Zephyr’s gear-train may be something of a mechanical folly, but it is not quite a pointless train.  On the silver main-gear can be seen a white diamond marker.  Protruding from behind the gear’s centre hub, a small 18-carat gold pointer can float between two rotational positions.  By manipulating the tambour-top in the correct way an alignment between diamond and gold pointer will reveal a key position relevant to a second secret mechanism in the box.

530 x 330 x 115mm.  Jarrah, Woody Pear, white diamond, 18ct gold, sterling silver, brass, steel, acetyl, kevlar, carbon fibre, suede.