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By Scarab Studio Wood

Designed by Peter Cook at Scarab Studio Wood, Keepsake boxes interpret the iconic shape of the jigsaw puzzle piece into three-dimensional form.

West Australian wood

With the precision of computer-controlled technology the complex lid and base geometry of Keepsake nest together perfectly.

The native WA Jarrah bases and Sheoak lids are then softened and aged over 24 hours in our ‘driftwood machine’ to mimic the textural effect of wave and beach on the wood.

The alchemy of hot-fused Dichroic Glass

Dichroic means multiple stunning colours dancing together within the glass. Subtle variations in the kiln while hot-fusing affect the colour spectrums, while the textures of the glass bend and mix the light. The result is that no two pieces of glass are ever the same.

The making of dichroic glass:
Multiple metal oxides such as 
titaniumchromiumzirconium and magnesium are vaporised with an electron beam insidevacuum chamber. The vapor then condenses onto the surface of the glass in ultra-thin, transparent, crystalline layers. Light passes through with one colour and is reflected with another.