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Charm Treasure Chest

Charm bracelets and those other little treasures need a special home too.  Our Charm Treasure Chests are hand made in limited batches with changing original artworks carved into their lids.

Clockwise from top:  Charm ‘Rocket’,  Charm ‘Flow’,  Charm ‘Seed’,  Charm ‘Tree’.


140 x 140 x 75mm.  Jarrah and Sheoak, with suede upholstery

“”I am constantly drawing and doodling in my sketchbook ideas inspired by nature and the bush, technology, philosophy…  I then scan my designs and transpose them through my software,  then computer carve them into each individual box lid   – Peter Cook.

As a mark of authenticity each treasure chest is inset with a sterling silver badge struck with the image of a Scarab beetle.  Charms come gift packed with full product information.