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Cubit Jewellery Box

The resilience of the Western Australian forest after a bush fire was the source of inspiration for this box form.  With the undergrowth stripped away by the fire, the remaining large trees stand resolute against a blackened canvas, their tall straight trunks catching the amber glow of the sun at dusk.  Cubit’s legs are crafted from Sheoak, its warm colour evoking the dusk light after the blaze, and its wood signalling the promise of regrowth.  Cubit is finished with a durable satin-black lacquer.

As a mark of authenticity each Cubit is inset with a sterling silver badge struck with the image of a Scarab beetle.  Cubits come gift packed with full product information.

242 x 125 x 105mmH.  Sheoak, lacquered fibreboard, suede upholstery.