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Gold Box Puzzlebox

A complex locking mechanism with sliding arms and spring loaded levers is woven throughout the box.  By manipulating the box in just the right way you can reveal Gold Box’s hidden secrets.  Do it wrong and you’ll be down a blind alley, the lock system must be reset, and the process started over. 

Intarsia is the art of inlaying small pieces of wood into a solid surface.  The tiny parts that make up the intarsia inlay of the gold panning image on the lid include beautiful woods from around Australia. The precise parts are hand cut then glued into matching openings carved into the solid Red Morrell surface 

There is an unfortunate twist in the story of the Gold Box.  The beautiful piece was tragically stolen less than 24 hours after delivery to its new owner.  Although a bitter pill to swallow, the customer insisted on commissioning a replacement.  Gold Box 2 included an additional lift-out Sandalwood tray and was made as a complete mirror image of the original, with all its mechanisms and moves reversed.

The mystery of the original Gold Box remains unsolved to this day.