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Labyrinth Puzzle Box

The Labyrinth Puzzlebox is a marvel of design, engineering and masterful craftsmanship.
With its host of very special features, Labyrinth is one of the most unusual objects you will ever encounter.

The stunning lid of the box features a mirror-matched panel of Red Morrell burl from the WA goldfields.  The inlaid bandings framing the lid were made by bonding small wood parts together into a single composite block, then slicing off individual inlay strips.  The outer walls of the box are cut from a single section of select Marri,  joined with hand cut dovetails that graduate in size.  The inside of the box is lined with rare and beautiful sandalwood, left raw to preserve its natural aroma.  The perfume of this wood is world renowned and will permeate the box forever.

Hidden secrets
Woven throughout the box’s walls are an intricate system of locks, levers and mechanisms that guard secret places within the Labyrinth where only the most privileged can venture.  A further defining feature of the box is its fantastic mechanical music movement.  The sound of Rachmaninoff emanating from the dedicated soundboard in the base is just magical.

The analogue and the digital
In another twist, Labyrinth transcends its analogue roots to include a built-in digital storage drive with tiny fibre-optic activity lights set into the timber next to the USB port.

Beautiful metalwork
All the exposed metalwork of the box is finished to equal the finest jewellery.  The custom made quadrant hinges have incorporated arms that supports the lid when open.