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Lace Caskets

On occasion our art has been called upon to respectfully mark the passing of a loved one
This pair of caskets were commissioned by a man who had spent many years living and working in Western Australia.  During that time he and his wife had fallen in love with the stunning and exotic timbers of WA.  Amongst the many beautiful woods they came to know was one that especially touched their hearts, an extremely rare and prized variety of Sheoak known as Lace Sheoak.

Lace Sheoak
No stone was left unturned in our search for just the right piece of precious Lace Sheoak for this project.  We were finally rewarded with the discovery of the single piece of wood from which both the caskets are crafted – indeed one of the most exquisite samples of Lace Sheoak we have ever seen.

Sterling Silver and precision engineering
All the exposed metalwork of the caskets is crafted from solid sterling silver.
There is something about a beautiful lock.  Its action must be at once secure and elegant, its mechanism precise and timeless.  The pair of three-lever locks fitted to the caskets are fully engineered and crafted by Peter Cook at Scarab to his original designs.  The unique lock design features a pair of articulated claws that rise and swing out of the base to securely grasp the lid of the box.  The lock mechanism includes lever tumblers that are double trapped for extra security.