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Marina Watch Case

Collector’s case
The Marina watch case is truly a work of subtle refinement.  Commissioned for a connoisseur of fine timepieces, this collection case was designed to house 10 elite wristwatches for display and storage. The box features several beautiful timbers from Australia and abroad including Sheoak in the walls, English Ash Burr in the lid panel and Tasmanian Blackwood for the interior linings.

Refined metalwork
All metalwork throughout the case is handmade in solid silver.  Subtle levels of master craftsmanship can be found throughout in details such as the graduated widths of the knuckles of the hinges and the use of concealed fixings (no screws) for the mounting of the silver fittings. Fine suede upholstery lines the case throughout, with each watch resting in its own satin lined pocket.
Carving and inlay work
Hand shaping and carving were used to create the contoured forms of the walls of the case, as well as the elliptical front push-button in South African Black Locust and its matching Blackwood bezel.  Initials are inlaid in Tassie Blackwood and American Black Walnut.