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Woodwink Puzzle Box

The Puzzlebox has been a muse for Peter Cook since his childhood.  Woodwink was Peter’s first successful original puzzlebox design, produced in a numbered limited edition of 250 boxes.

Woodwink is an intricately crafted puzzlebox.  Its parts must be manipulated in the correct sequence to unlock and open the box.  Woodwink is made from Jarrah, with a band of Sheoak and desert Snakewood details.  Its precision mechanism involves moving parts made in wood and metal.

Initially released 1993 in pre-digital times, Woodwink received immediate print media attention and in very short order was purchased by collectors from around the world.  These days, a very small number of Woodwink puzzleboxes from the original edition are still available for purchase.

120 x 70 x 40mm

A small silver plaque inside each box is stamped with the boxs number out of 250, and its year of production.